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I’m on a budget, how can I increase my home’s sale appeal?

I’m on a budget, how can I increase my home’s sale appeal?

In a steady market, it’s more important than ever to give yourself a competitive edge over other properties in the market. We’ve compiled some simple and affordable ways to increase the appeal of your home when preparing for sale.

Get rid of the clutter
“Marie Kondo” your life and get rid of anything that doesn’t bring you joy! Or if that feels a bit extreme to you, there is options to temporarily hire storage space, so you can clear your home of as much clutter as possible. Decreasing the amount of “stuff” in your house will make it feel more spacious. And an added bonus is that it will make moving day a lot easier!

Judge a book by its cover
First impressions are very important. What do prospective purchasers see first at your property? Whether it’s an unruly hedge, rusted fence or over-grown pathway, these things will shape purchaser’s initial impressions of your property. Hedge and gardens should be trimmed and weeded. Fences should be repaired and freshened up with a coat of paint. Loose, broken or dirty pavers or tiles should be replaced and cleaned. Even replacing an old mail-box or house numbers with something modern and new can also make a difference.

Add a lick of paint
One of the most cost-effective ways to make your home feel cleaner, fresher and lighter is to get out the paint brush! Colour-wise, keep your palate as neutral as possible to give prospective purchasers their own blank canvas to work with. A basic white, cream or modern light grey are recommended.

Clean, clean, clean
You want to make sure everything is looking it’s absolute best and a really thorough clean is the best way to do this. If you don’t love the idea of cleaning it all yourself, it’s well worth the investment to hire professional cleaners before inspections commence to make sure a truly deep clean is done. Professionally steam cleaning your old carpets and rugs can work wonders too!

All those minor jobs
They may seem unimportant, but that squeaky hinge, loose door handle and leaky tap all combined can create a sense of general disrepair and neglect that can put off your potential purchasers. Ensure you attend to all of those small maintenance jobs you’ve been putting off, so as not to discourage purchasers who aren’t keen on doing those home repairs.

Give gardens and lawns a lift
When it comes to your property’s appeal, what’s outside can be just as important as what’s inside. Well-kept lawns and gardens make your home look inviting and could be the difference in a prospective purchaser’s “drive by” turning into attending an inspection. Trim hedges, weed garden beds, remove any pets toys or children’s toys, keep the lawn watered and mown. You may even wish to add some potted colour or invest in new turf for instant lush green appeal.

Go green!
Having greenery and plants around your home add to the impression you’re your home overall is well cared for. Plants boost our mental health and increase indoor air quality, plus they’re naturally inviting and create a sense of home.

Update your furnishings
Another way to increase your home’s appeal (that’s relatively easy on the wallet) is to update your internal furnishings. Think curtains and blinds, cushions, rugs and the likes. Replace your old shower curtain as well while you’re at it and make sure any towels or hand-towels on display are fluffy and new looking.

If you’re time poor
Don’t worry if you don’t have the time to do repairs and renovations throughout your whole property, concentrate your efforts on the important areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Repainting kitchen cupboards and replacing door handles, taps and other fixtures can make a big difference. And if you have a little more in the budget, a new splash-back or more modern cabinetry in a kitchen can be a great investment.

Thinking of selling? Or just curious to know what your home is worth? Get in touch with our team of experienced agents to find out today.



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